Fall 2015 Sabre Fencing Course at Zion Church of Baltimore

Course Description

Each 12-session course is intended to be given in once-a-week lessons and is a great way to introduce the Olympic sport of sabre fencing.  The program includes an introduction to the history of fencing, target areas and basic sabre fencing technique.  Students that have completed the beginners course will receive in-depth training in tactics and strategy along with additional technique that focuses on competitive sabre fencing.

The class fee of $150.00 includes group instruction, all necessary fencing equipment (glove, mask, jacket, sabre), secondary insurance.

Course Instructor / Coach

Steve Heck is an experienced competitor and coach. His accomplishments include: being a scholarship athlete on the University of Maryland NCAA teams 1979-83, representing the USA in Senior World Cups 1984-1998, being on the National Senior Men’s Sabre Point List 1992-1998, being the 2007 Veteran 40 Men’s Sabre National Champion, serving as the 2012, 2013 Veteran 50 Men’s Sabre World Team alternate, and achieving an “A” national rating. Steve is a USA Fencing Professional and USFCA Member. He is CPR and First Aid certified.

Course Schedule

September – December 2015, Saturdays 12:30pm – 1:30pm  (Start date is September 19, 2015 12:30pm – 1:30pm)

Course Location

Zion Church of Baltimore Adlersaal

400 East Lexington Street at City Hall Plaza

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Contact / Registration Information

Please contact Steven Heck at 301-776-3553 or to register (see class registration form below) for the class (or more details).

Fall 2015 Registration Form